How Can You Grow Your Business?

One of the biggest challenges that business’ face is how to grow the business whilst staying cost effective and achieving positive results which then leads to growth in the business. The business market is becoming increasingly competitive and no matter the business size everyone is looking at ways they can grow. Here are a few strategies you should consider if you are wanting to expand your business.

Brand Exposure –
Using social media platforms to connect with your audience will help to reach out and drive traffic to your website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are free to use and they start to have a snowball effect once you become recognizable as one customer interest will lead to the next customer – building up a network audience that are interested in your business and could become potential clients. If you have a Facebook or Twitter page, interact with your customers – a personal approach can go a long way when clients are building a relationship with you.

Web Design –
Ensuring that your business has a well structured website with a modern, sleek design will put out the message to customers that you are professional and will provide high quality results. New potential clients will also be looking for a well structured website, nobody will be interested in a website that is not functioning properly or has poor design attributes. If you are trying to sell a product, the website needs to reflect what you are as a company – it helps to upsell the product!

Referrals –
When working with clients, new and old you should always ask for them to leave an honest review on your website, social media platforms or Google. Doing this can help to build new customers – your client can refer your business to other companies as they have first hand experience. Alongside a review, you should ask for referrals – does your client know of any other business’ that would be interested in the services that you have to offer? This is a great way of attracting new customers and building up your network.

Extra Business or Franchise –

If your business is proving very successful and has a positive plan for the future then maybe consider opening up a second location that can drive even more traffic. You should however really think this through as if your business is not as successful now you could be taking a huge risk – think if your business is only as successful as it is due to the location, are you opening up somewhere completely different? Do you need to be at one business more than the other? If this is posing an issue, an option for you to consider is a franchise – the franchisee will take on the risk of setting up elsewhere, however you still need to work hard to ensure it can be as successful as your primary business.

These are a select number of steps you may be able to follow to stay competitive and grow your business to the best it can be, by following measures such as these you could put your business at greater risk. To ensure you have the correct cover for your business, Bollington offer policies that suit all individual business needs.