We live in the golden age of great ideas. So many impulses reach us on a daily basis, and if you have a creative mind like myself, you are constantly tinkering around in an attempt to come up with something that can set you apart. I’ve created this website as a platform to share those ideas, but maybe even more importantly a place, where people can bounce ideas off each other, and create something even better. To achieve this goal, we had to create a popular website, packed with unique and high quality content.

Top-Notch Content Breeds Advertising Excellence

Equipped with the ability to create top-notch content for our readership, we’ve managed to make this site extremely popular. We have about 14,000 unique visitors each month, and that number will grow even further. In fact, the rate at which our new readers find our site is on a constant rise. For us, this is huge, because it means that we are still nowhere near our maximum potential.

You Can Recreate It, or Advertise Here

You can recreate our success yourself, but that would probably take you years. Finding the right platform is rather easy these days, but filling it with the right content is a different matter altogether. Even if you have the talent, you will need hundreds of hours of your free time to turn it into a popular website. If you have a product or service that needs attention, it is easier to advertise it on a platform such as ours. We can guarantee you high visibility, ad-sense experience, and affiliate marketing knowledge. We know what our readers value and even like, and that is extremely important. You need people to buy your product or hire your service, and this requires more than just visibility. You need to have the right message on the right platform, in the right way. We can help you achieve that.

The Benefits

  • Cost-efficiency: Advertising on the internet is one of the most cost-efficient marketing methods. Sometimes, that means taking advantage of the service free of charge. If you have a popular website, you can collaborate with other sites and exchange banners. Maybe you already have an excellent product, but can’t find the right platform for it. You could for instance give a percentage of the sales to the website that can reach your audience! We are open to any of these ideas, and confident that together, we can make it happen.
  • Advertorials: Narrative advertising is becoming more and more popular. Advertorials – as they also call them – work because there is a need to receive relevant content. Our website is a perfect example for this. Our ads reflect the kind of expertise we aim for, without being shamelessly promotional. If you have a product that is relevant to our website visitors, there is no need to run circles around any idea. A top-notch advertorial is the way to go. People don’t mind direct promotion when they are interested in the product.
  • Interactivity: One of the biggest benefits of online advertising is interactivity. You can monitor the progress of the sales and create interesting surveys that customers gladly fill out, because they know it helps to develop an even better product or service. This is where interactivity shines the most. It allows you to gain extremely valuable feedback that can help you perfect your product or service.
  • Relying on Experience: Our website started to run advertisement a couple years ago, shortly after we created it. I took some time to figure out the best methods, but now I am an expert and I am ready to share that knowledge with you. If you decide to join our site, you can count on a top-notch service that will help you reach your target audience.

If you think we can help you with your campaign, don’t hesitate to call us. We have the expertise to maximise the potential of your product.

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