Why Tumblr is Still a Good Place to Start a Blog

If you want to start sharing things online with people outside of your own network on sites like Facebook, you can of course always start a blog. Whether you want to have a site that covers a specific niche you are interested in, promote something you do, or simply write about your thoughts on things in general, having a blog can allow you to reach a wide audience.

The Drawbacks to Running a Complete Blog

Of course, having your own blog can be something of an undertaking. You need to not only create content but also promote your site in order to get readers. This can mean needing to learn skills like search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing and may also mean needing to spend money on hosting and advertising.

Tumblr – A Nice Alternative to Committing to Your Own Blog

However, there is a kind of happy medium between owning your own website and managing it – for instance with a WordPress blog – and just posting updates or tweets on social media, and that is using a microblogging site like Tumblr.

Tumblr has been around since the early days of the social media revolution, and it has a large and active user base that includes businesses of all kinds as well as individual bloggers. When you have a Tumblr account, you can not only post your own content but also easily find and share or ‘reblog’ interesting stuff other people have posted on their accounts.

Because Tumblr is part way between a blog and a social network, you get a lot of the advantages of both – the increased reader engagement of social media, and the broad audience of a blog. Another advantage is that because Tumblr already has an audience, you can tap into that rather than having to promote your own website.

Tumblr as a Social Media Diversification Approach

If you are working on the social media web presence for a business or a venture you are doing yourself, then Tumblr can also be a good thing to look into – even if you already have your own blog and accounts on things like Twitter.

This is largely because most businesses are now finding that they need to diversify their social media strategies and include platforms other than the original ‘big 3’ of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Facebook is no longer much good for anything other than paid ads from a marketing perspective, Twitter can be cumbersome due to the huge number of tweets in most people’s newsfeeds, and LinkedIn is no use for targeting demographics who aren’t interested in professional networking. As a result, brands have been exploring ways to use other social networks like Pinterest, Instagram, Reddit and Tumblr in their strategies.

As you can see, Tumblr can be a good choice whether you are looking into personal blogging or developing a web presence for more commercial reasons. Setting up an account is easy and you can even make a static Tumblr homepage to give your Tumblr more of a sense of branding, so why not start experimenting with it today?