The History of Apple

iPhone, iPad and Apple are some words which everyone knows- after all, the company is one of the leading ones. However, the history of Apple remains a mystery to many, especially for the younger generation; they know nothing apart from the products from the brand. As a matter of fact, the history of Apple dates back to more than 40 years. Let’s now see how Apple has changed over the years.

The creators of Apple are Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. They were actually really good friends, before they decided to create Apple. Their friendship has known the day after they were introduced by a mutual friend, Bill Fernandez in 1971. Indeed, both of them loved technology. But while Wozniak was more a tech-minded, Jobs was more of a visionary who wanted to create a futuristic consumer tech. Since the creation of Apple, the pair were always consistent. Wozniak was more into designing and creating products, and Jobs would be the creative one coming with ideas, and being the marketer.

In 1976, Wozniak began to attend a computer club, that was good in exchanging ideas. Wozniak was inspired by the atelier and he designed and built what was then the Apple I. Even if he was hesitant, Wozniak presented the gadget to the Club. On the same day, Jobs was attending the atelier and he realised how much the Apple I was worth, if taken onto the commercial market. Jobs was determined to bring the product on the market, and finally convinced Wozniak to do the same. To expand and to get some profit, Jobs stroke a deal with the owner of a local computer store. The two Steves then produced 50 Apple I and sold it to Terry for $500 each.

After this first happening, Wozniak was still not happy. He instantly started to work on Apple II with the funds gathered from the sales of the Apple I. The Apple II consisted of a redesigned TV interface with graphical UI and colour which was the best at that time. But for the moment, the best graphics can be found at Booty Bingo. This top bingo site proposes a wide variety of online games like bingo and slots, and each of the games are made of outstanding graphics- they are different and based on different themes, and yet the quality is just perfect! One of those devices costed a lot! But the Steves were lucky as they had an investor, Mike Markkula, who devoted more than $250,000 in that project. Thanks to his help, Apple managed to introduce the Apple II to the West Coast Computer Fair in April 1977. Despite being high priced, Apple II was successful not only because of its hardware, but also because of its piece of software: VisiCalc.  Even if it was a ubiquitous software, VisiCalc was a revolution at that time, and was available only on the Apple II! Afterwards came many of the Apple products, which are now famous worldwide.