Steps to Take After Your Car’s Windshield Suffers Damage

A cracked windshield can pose problems for drivers and even prove dangerous if gone untreated. When car’s windshields suffer damage they can block a driver’s view of the road. There are preventative measures you can take to block the growth of cracks. This can help you avoid having to replace the entire windshield. Ultimately, you will want to take your vehicle to a professional for a more permanent fix. Here are some steps you can take to address the issue quickly in the meantime.

Buy Windshield Repair Kit

Your first step in addressing a windshield crack is to invest in a windshield repair kit. You can find them at most automotive parts stores. Inside the kit you will find an adapter and substance that can be seeped into the crack. You want to make sure no dirt, or other substances make their way into the crack. The resin will act as a sealant preventing the crack from spreading. Using a drill place a small hole through the top layer of glass so you can force the substance inside.

Super Glue as an Alternative

If you want to bypass the repair kit, you can invest in super glue as an alternative. Place the glue into the crack and spread it across its surface. Acrylic nail polish can also be utilized as a sealant. Clean out the crack before using it evenly across the outer edges. While these may work for a short period of time, you will need to seek professional help for a more permanent solution.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

When possible, park your car in the shade. Weather elements can place increased pressure on your vehicle’s windshield. Try to decrease the impact of direct heat or large amounts of snow by parking in a garage or under an overhang. Purchase a windshield protector for cases when you are forced to park in the sun. Also avoid parking under trees where elements such as acorns can damage the exterior of your vehicle.

Seek a Professional’s Help

After taking the necessary steps to prevent the spread of the crack temporarily, make an appointment with a window repair company.. You shouldn’t wait too long to address the issue. Your windshield can become weakened and you can cause an accident as your visibility is limited. If you get the vehicle fixed when the crack is small, it will cost you less in the long run. Leaving the problem unfixed can result in you having to get the entire windshield replaced which can be costly. However most insurance policies cover the cost of windshield repairs so ask your provider whether they will compensate for the damage.

Your windshield is a part of the structural framework of your vehicle and thus can completely shatter causing an accident. This is why you should have the problem addressed as soon as possible. This can save you money and time in the long run. For the short term, implement a temporary fix to keep the crack from expanding further.