People can blog about anything these days, but there is a positive side to the phenomenon. While it is true to say that the number of virtually useless posts out there is extremely high, there are also more insightful pieces than ever before. More and more people use this platform to share their ideas, people with real talent and perspective, and this is a welcome evolution of the internet. We are open to this, so if you feel submitting a guest post to my blog, do not hesitate to contact me at

Current Blog Content Topics

At the moment, you can find blog posts on my website about the following topics:

  • Rating the Risk: Risk assessment guidelines, what to look for, and what can help you identify certain trends. I have written many in-detail posts about risk assessment, and we have posts and articles that are more general in nature.
  • Risk Drivers: One of the more interesting discussion topics is risk drivers. We talk about this a lot, and for good reasons. What are they? What are some of the underlying causes? What makes insurance such a dangerous proposition if not handled well? I evaluate what goes into these complex decisions because asking these questions can be extremely helpful.
  • Risk Analytics: Today’s analytical tools are better than ever before. Introducing these tools is very exciting, especially since some of them are surprisingly easy to use, certainly with a little bit of guidance.
  • Risk Analysis Software: We often introduce software solutions on the blog, and some of these solutions are even advertised on the site. The new dawn of risk assessment is already upon us, and whether you want business or life insurance, these programs can make your life easier, not to mention reduce the costs significantly. I am doing a little disservice to myself here, but I have never believed in sitting on information. Sharing is caring.

If you want to contribute to my blog, you can write about any of the above-mentioned topics, or choose one from these:

  • Banks
  • Business News
  • Big Businesses and Corps
  • Small Businesses
  • Credits and Loans
  • Financial News
  • Global Economy
  • Insurance Services
  • Car Insurance
  • Health and Life Insurance
  • Investment Ideas
  • Reviews
  • Stock Trading
  • Taxes

Maybe you are the type that needs some inspiration, in which case here are some potential blog post titles for you:

“The Age of Online Insurance: Advantages and Disadvantages”

“The Future of the Insurance Industry”

“Risk Drivers for Business Insurance”

Benefits of Becoming a Guest Blogger

If you decide to submit a guest post to my blog, you can expect four major benefits, and there are countless advantages beyond.

  • Visibility: My website gets 14,000 unique visitors on a monthly basis. Even if we say that 10% of readers digest the blog regularly – in reality it is closer to 50% -, that is already more than a 1000 people. If you are a talented writer in need of a platform to thrive, this is one of the better options for you. Insurance risk management is such a far-reaching topic that, you can literally write about anything. Business management, interpersonal relations, company hierarchy, entrepreneurship, all of these topics – at the very least – have risk management and insurance implications.
  • Become a More Credible Voice: Finding a credible platform to share your ideas builds up your reputation, it makes you more credible. If you decide to write for my website, you can bank on these benefits. I built this page and the blog with deep enthusiasm, doing my due diligence day in and day out. I invested hundreds of hours into this project, and made the website a credible source of information for my many thousand regular readers
  • Professional Opportunities: Our website is a lucrative business in itself, and as such, it creates opportunities for guest publishers and visitors alike. Whether you have a business project, or are simply looking for guidance to improve your professional life, I am confident that you will find it here.
  • Networking: Guest blogging can lead to excellent networking opportunities. Write and publish your post here, and you will likely gain several important contacts, including fellow guest bloggers that could contribute to your website, if and when you are ready.

If you see yourself becoming a guest blogger, feel free to contact me at for some brainstorming, we are open to new ideas and would like to hear from you.

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