How Technology Has Changed The Gambling Industry

Over the last decades, there have been many changes in the gambling industry. The evolution of the internet has changed gambling from traditional smoke-filled areas to more accessible platforms for anyone. This change has not gone unnoticed. For instance, in United Kingdom, online gambling accounts for more than 70% of all bets placed. Indeed, the internet has played a role in this transition, but there are other factors as well.

The gambling industry has quickly adapted to new technologies. With the introduction of the internet came the rise of online gambling sites. Punters started to become more interested in gambling as online sites provided them with better options like bonuses and free games. But, during the early day, it took patience to play online as the internet connection was quite slow. The introduction of broadband internet was a blessing for online betting communities. With faster connectivity, betting sites could offer players with much more.

Gambling sites started to grow and to offer many games from slot games to sports betting. Security was no longer a problem as well. Many gambling sites offered payment processors like PayPal and cards. This acted like a security which assured punters that they are in safe hands. Given the many laws and requirements which gambling sites have to follow is a factor of security for punters.

Another thing that made gambling more accessible is the release of the first iPhone. The iPhone came as a computer which people could use at the palm of their hands, and it gave access to the internet as well. As the popularity of smartphones started to increase, many other technologies came with it. Many site owners started to work towards developments which were beneficial to mobile users. Many created apps for gaming or services purposes.

As a matter of fact, the gambling industry was the first to take notice of mobile apps, so it was not long before mobile betting apps started to be developed. United Kingdom bookmakers and gambling sites were the first to start adapting their services for mobile users. Betting stores gave people the chance to bet anytime and anywhere they are through their mobile phones. Nowadays, you can access online gambling sites from mobile phones or tablets as well. One such site is Lucky Pants Bingo which has been launched since 2012. This slots mobile site offers over 300 games and various bingo rooms. Plus, the site is available 24/7, thus you can play any time!

It is probably the instantly available aspect of mobile phones, other than anything else, which has helped the growth of the online gambling industry. As the internet and new technologies continue to evolve, it is very likely that the gambling industry will grow as well. And, for now, other technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) will bring massive changes to the online gambling industry.  But for the moment, it is smart phone and their responsive aspects which is leading the way.