Do I need caravan insurance and other FAQs

Do you have questions about caravan insurance? If so, you may find the answers below.

Do I need caravan insurance?

If your touring caravan is being towed on the public highway then the law requires that it carries at least third party liability insurance. Normally, for that specific requirement, your touring caravan should be covered by your towing vehicle’s insurance policy but it is worth checking that carefully to be certain.

Apart from that, there is no legal requirement for you to insure your touring or static caravan. However, in terms of protecting your investment, it might be highly advisable to do so.

Be aware also that some site owners may insist that you are covered by at least third party liability insurance. They may require you to produce evidence that you have such cover before you will be allowed to locate your caravan on their site.

Why is my site owner pushing me to take out their insurance?

You are not covered by your own third party liability insurance. Understandably, the site owner will wish to ensure that other site users are protected and thereby demand that you have such cover in place.

While you may be obliged to show that you have static or touring caravan insurance cover to use their site, in most cases you will typically be under no obligation to purchase the cover that they offer to you. You are free to source your own cost-effective solution for your caravan insurance.

Note that in some exceptional circumstances, typically involving permanent residence park home sites, the site owner may have the right to insist you take their proposed insurance. This though is very rare and if in doubt you should consult professional advice.

Do I need special insurance cover for my tourer when using it abroad?

That depends upon the nature of your existing cover.

Some policies may offer some form of touring caravan insurance covering the UK and European Union. Others may restrict their policies only to the UK and require you to take out additional cover for the duration of your journey to any non-UK destinations.

Check your existing policy to be certain.

Do I need a TV licence in my caravan?

Although this is a simple question, unfortunately, the answer is a little complex for both legal and technological reasons.

To deal with the simplest situation first, if the TV you normally use, typically the one in your home, will have no one using it while you are away, then your existing licence may cover you for TV reception in your caravan.

However, if someone is staying back at home and using your normal TV while you are using another TV in your caravan, you would typically need a second TV licence.

The position with receiving TV on a portable device, such as a smartphone, can be even more complicated. It might even vary depending upon whether you are using it under battery or mains electrical power!

It might be worth consulting the specifics of your situation on the government’s website.

Can I save money on my caravan insurance?

That may be possible.

Options to explore might include:

  • looking to see if you can select a higher voluntary excess on your policy (that is the amount you agree to pay yourself in the event of a successful claim);
  • fitting additional security features such as trackers and immobilisers etc.

Most insurance providers will be only too pleased to advise you on options relating to how you can reduce your premium.