Display and Manage Your ID Badges on Mobile

Are you looking for a new way to manage ID badges for your employees? Perhaps you already have a current identification system in place but just need a cloud-based system to display your ID badges on mobile? We have two words for you: Veonics Portal.

Identification resource management has never been easier than with our Veonics Portal Hosted Software Portal. Not only does it allow the user to enter data, capture photos and manage photo ID badge printing, but it also allows publishing of an ID badge on the holder’s mobile device or even a published URL. For example, with this cloud-based system, users may display ID badges on a smartphone or device until the actual physical badge is printed remotely and delivered. In any case that a physical ID badge is not required, then users may continue to use their photo ID badges via mobile. In addition, ID badges created via the Veonics Portal carry a special barcode that allows any user who scans it to determine if the ID badge is still active – talk about having technology security!

Our Veonics Portal, one of our favorite photo ID management cloud-based systems, can be your complete ID record management and enrollment system. Once you set it up, there is no need to install other local IDMS software or the management version required to keep it current. Creating new identity records can be done easily and in three different ways:

  1. manually enter data,
  2. import data, or
  3. automate the process by using our Veonics Credential Database (which may be securely populated by your source database).

Similarly, images may be published using any of these four ways:

  1. manual upload from your saved files,
  2. live capture,
  3. with the Veonics CELLfie™ photo email request and capture tool, or
  4. upload from the Veonics Credential Data Base™.

Access to the Veonics Portal™ is customer controlled and managed. Our Veonics Portal also comes with Veonics vID Designer, which is a feature that allows users to virtualize photo ID badges and customize them with traits that include custom designs, secured photos, color coding, barcodes and more. With these features, the user may not only insert logos and graphics but also add watermarks, color fill images and much more.

Once an ID badge is published via the Veonics Portal, a hyperlink can be emailed to the individual who can then bookmark it on a smartphone, tablet or PC browser for use as their virtual ID. If a badge is deactivated through the Veonics Portal, it cannot be displayed at all or may display as “Inactive.” Physical ID badges created with the Veonics vID Designer™ have a unique barcode displayed on the front or back of the badge, and when it is scanned using any common barcode scanner application on a mobile device, it connects to the Veonics vID Viewer™.

Lastly, the Veonics Portal also carries a feature called “The Veonics Mobile Track.” This feature can look up a Veonics ID badge for verification on a mobile device or computer and display it via a publisher called the vID Viewer. We are excited to announce that Mobile Track will soon have the ability to record “in and out transactions” for use in any number of time and attendance applications, including timekeeping, classroom attendance and at special events.

The Veonics Portal is truly the future of ID badging and makes it extremely easy to manage all of your ID badge needs via a single cloud-based system. Please let us know in the comments below if you have particular questions, and one of our team members will be more than happy to help you!

About the Author:

Dennis Rukosuev is an entrepreneur and business consultant from Austin, TX who is helping startups and established companies scale up their businesses and meet the demands of strategic growth and change.

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