4 Reasons to Start a Career in Radiology

A radiologist is a highly trained medical doctor who specializes in radiology, or the practice of using X-rays and other scanning techniques to produce a detailed image of the human body. Not only is this profession in high demand, but it is also highly technical, offers a diverse range of jobs and a very lucrative salary. If you are considering a career in radiology, here are 4 reasons to consider getting started.

It’s a Respected Field at the Very Heart of Medicine

Radiology is one of the most important aspects of medicine, and radiologists are therefore highly respected clinicians. The ability to understand, interpret and use information gathered from a variety of different scans of the human body is an integral part of modern medicine and can often be the difference between the correct diagnosis and treatment, or a misdiagnosis. Radiologist are particularly important when it comes to detecting cancerous tumours or broken/damaged body parts, which are some of the most common medical complaints.

There Is Less Patient Contact Than Other Specializations

If you are considering a career in medicine, or have already started to work towards one, but aren’t keen on spending lots of time in contact with patients, then radiology may be the specialization for you. Other specializations such as paediatrics and oncology often spend many hours a day talking to and explaining information to patients, but if this seems like it might be too much for you and you want to limit the amount of time you spend with patients, then radiology offers a route where you can focus on the more medical aspect of the job. The primary aim of radiologists is to understand and interpret the information gathered from scans of a patient’s body, which you can then relay to other medical professionals.

It Is Rewarding Both Financially and Emotionally

A career as a radiologist can provide you with a stable salary to build a life upon. Depending on the type of radiology you are working in, your salary may differ, but you can expect upwards of $100,000 a year, and for more precise information you can check out SalarySite.com

However, the added bonus of this is that not only do you get an ample living, but you can earn it by truly helping to improve the lives of others. This means you can go home after a day at work feeling rewarded and knowing that you have given back to your community.

It Provides a Lifetime of Interesting and Engaging Work

By pursuing a career in radiology, you are ensuring that you’ll never get bored. The very nature of the work means that every day is different, with new patients every day, and each of them being individual and complicated in their own way, you’ll never be short of a challenge. As you progress through your career you can take on more and more responsibility and have the potential to earn more, as well as to advise on more complicated cases.